Basshunter Subtitled Vids

Welcome to the first Basshunter unofficial website!

The adventure began with 3 videos, Boten Anna subtitled in Swedish, English and French... and our first website ran out of bandwidth in 5 days, because of an unpredicted success.
Then we moved to another server, and started translating and encoding Botten Anna video into other languages, thanks to many people who sent us their translations.

With Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA, we were ready, and so were you: the vid has been translated into more languages than Basshunter's first hit!

Today, there are about 50000 hits each day, and we keep adding new translations and new Basshunter videos.

Feel free to bookmark this site, and suggest us new translations :-)



- 15/08/2010: Saturday (NEW Basshunter Video): English vid
- 19/07/2010: I Promised Myself: Dutch vid
- 22/11/2009: I Promised Myself (NEW Basshunter Video): English & French vids
- 15/09/2009: Every Morning (NEW Basshunter Video): English & French vids

Older News
- 03/07/2009: All I Ever Wanted: Romanian vid
- 18/04/2009: I Miss You: Italian vid
- 12/01/2009: I Miss You (NEW Basshunter Video): English & French vids
- 21/12/2008: Angel In The Night: German vid
- 18/09/2008: Website evolution: you can now post comments under each vid!
- 16/09/2008: Angel In The Night: Italian vid
- 15/09/2008: All I Ever Wanted: Dutch vid
- 14/09/2008: Angel In The Night (NEW Basshunter Video): English, French & Dutch vids
- 13/09/2008: All I Ever Wanted: German vid
- 18/08/2008: All I Ever Wanted: Croatian vid
- 07/08/2008: All I Ever Wanted: Italian vid
- 11/08/2008: Boten Anna: l33t vid
- 07/08/2008: All I Ever Wanted (NEW Basshunter Video): English & French vids
- 20/04/2008: Now You're Gone: Spanish vid, Boten Anna: Slovak vid
- 17/02/2008: Now You're Gone: English, French, German, Dutch & Italian vids
- 08/02/2008: Now You're Gone: English vid
- 07/02/2008: We're back! Website address is now: Spread the word ;-)
- 18/03/2007: Boten Anna: Polish, Romanian vids
- 17/03/2007: Vifta Med Händerna: Brazilian Portuguese vid
- 16/03/2007: Boten Anna: English V2 vid
- 28/02/2007: Vifta Med Händerna: Finnish vid
- 16/01/2007: Vifta Med Händerna: Italian vid
- 15/01/2007: Vifta Med Händerna: German vid
- 11/01/2007: Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA: Slovak vid
- 10/01/2007: Vifta Med Händerna: Swedish, French, English, Dutch & Spanish vids
- 22/12/2006: Vifta Med Händerna: Lyrics
- 25/11/2006: Vifta Med Händerna: Unsubtitled new vid
- 19/11/2006: Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA: Greek vid
- 18/11/2006: new website design